Spiral Art Garden - The Spiral House

Below is a preliminary plan of what we hope to build.

The spiral is based on the Golden Section. The Fibonacci series (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21.....)was used to create the spiral and will be used when the slab is designed and poured, giving a foundation based in sacred geometry.

The ferro-cement shell will be an interesting experiment. A rebar armature will be created that will be covered with wire and chicken wire and then a layer of shot-crete or gunite will be put on the outside. Under the shot-crete will be layers of styrofoam insulation. The styrofoam will then be covered with another layer of chicken wire and plastered for the interior finish. We will probably also include lots of mosaic in the ceiling and walls of the house.

The center of the spiral house will be an open-air courtyard. This protected and totally private space will provide light and ventilation to most of the rooms of the house as well as being a great place to sit. It's the courtyard that makes the nautilus shell "work" as a comfortable and useful design for a living space.

In addition to being an unusual and aesthetic space in which to live, the spiral house will also be energy-efficient. The placement of the windows creates a passive solar design. There will be very little wood used in the construction. I will try to use non-toxic materials, too.

It is likely that it will take several years to build the spiral house. Because of this, we will build our art studio first. It will include a kitchen and bathroom so we can live in it while we build the spiral house.