Kumbha Mela 2001 Photo Gallery - Page 6

More photos taken on January 12, 2001.

One of the smaller bathing ghats, off the sandbank. Note the pole and rope barrier and the boats keeping watch. Not much action here, so the watchman in the boats are probably dozing off. The pontoon bridge is one of many connecting the sandbank to the Allahabad side of town. For better orientation and understanding, please refer to maps .

* *

The camel has had enough. Since everyone is coming into town, it is time to leave. It’s not everyday that the road out of town is this clear.

This man was desperately trying to cross to the other side of the chock-a-block traffic jam of trucks. The gap he was negotiating was just not wide enough, he hit a truck and his pile of sun-dried cow dung cakes moved, and some fell on the road. He manoeuvred back out again and is now recovering his precious cargo from the road. Isn't this the face of a man under pressure? During these freezing nights, cow dung really helps – cooking food, warming water, keeping warm.

* *

…and they keep on coming.

A good way to travel. Men at the front, women at the back.


A smiling family despite a hard life and an arduous journey all the way from Nepal. They will be here for the next two weeks. They made me feel happy.
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