Kumbha Mela 2001 Photo Gallery - Page 31

 More photos taken on February 3, 2001. A quiet time between bathing days.

The ISKCON stand continues to draw in the pilgrims. All are required to go through a security detector before entering the camp.


Itís lunchtime and the beggars in this area are being served at this camp. The disabled among them have left their carts outside. A number of camps, which regularly fed pilgrims, have packed up and gone. The few that are left continue to do a good job ensuring nobody goes hungry.

In the vacated camps, the laborious task of digging up the plastic drain pipes has begun.

* *

During the Melaís peak days all of the 92 Puja pits in this enclosure were in continuous use with ten to twelve pilgrims seated around each one. The loud chanting and the smoke had a hypnotic quality. All quiet now.


In many camps, spiritual talks and bhajans continue. Men on the right, women on the left.

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