Kumbha Mela 2001 Photo Gallery - Page 29

 Last page of photos taken on Basant Panchami, January 29, 2001.

4.35pm. The last of the Akaharas have had their last snan on this, the third and last shahi snan of this Mahakumbh 2001. The next one here will be in the year 2013.


Enclosures like this are used as communal toilets and are located in many parts of the mela grounds. Some are fenced using corrugated iron sheets, this one uses basic sack cloth. The three men seen sitting in between the two enclosures are responsible for keeping the place clear and clean. They use spades to scoop up and bury human waste in sandpits.

Cooking dinner before having a good rest here on the sand. The journey home tomorrow morning will be a long one.

* *

As Sunset approaches, pilgrims wait their turn to board boats for the Treveni.

6.55am. Sunrise over the Ganga at the Sangam.


5.35pm. Sunset over the Yamuna.

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